Steven Hanton

Bushcraft Educator, Presenter and Consultant

Steven Hanton has been practicing bushcraft and survival skills for over 20 years.  His in-depth knowledge comes from his years of experience teaching these skills to others and from tutelage from experts such as Ben McNutt.


Steven has traveled widely in search of traditional skills and credits much of his experience to the many indigenous cultures from whom he has been fortunate to learn.  Together with other long-standing names within the dicipline, Steven has kept alive many  traditional bushcraft skills and continues to champion excellent quality bushcraft instruction and experiences. 

With a varied wealth of remote expedition experience in Arctic, Desert and Jungle climes, Steven continues to keep alive the practical nature of bushcraft to keep these ancient skills relevant today.       



Steven co-presents 'Bushcraft with Ed Stafford and Steven Hanton' - a series of Online Bushcraft Courses that he hopes will make bushcraft skills accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

Steven regularly works as a consultant for high profile clients and production companies.  In addition to 20 years of bushcraft and survival experience, he provides:

  • Health & Safety advice & Risk Assessments 

  • Medical support for remote, wilderness locations

  • Expedition and remote location advice.

  • Outdoor Education consultancy (BSc Hons in Outdoor Education)

Steven Hanton Survival Skills.jpg

Passionate about tracking, Steven was the first person in Europe to qualify as a Track & Sign Specialist under the Cybertracker system, acheiving 100% in 2012 in England and additionally holds a Level 111 certificate in N. America.  He has worked as a tracker on overseas conservation projects, tracked with indigenous master trackers and regularly teaches this ancient skill to others. 


When not immersed in some deep wilderness, Steven can be found in his workshop building 'Wood and Canvas Canoes' which he then paddles on canoeing adventures with his family.   

Steven is available for consultancy private workshops, expedition guiding, speaking engagements and educational events where he shares his experience of bushcraft and the wilderness with others.  To contact him, please send a message.


Recent consultancy credits: